Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Sea of Limitless Opportunity

My daughter gave me a book for Christmas entitled Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose written by Sonia Choquette. I’ve read a few of her books before and have found bits of wisdom to carry way. I have two valuable pieces of advice from these books, and now I have two more to add from this one as well.

One piece of advice Sonia gives about finding your purpose, is that if you love something you should attend to it daily. In six months, see where it takes you. To this advice I applied my love of writing. I followed the steps she suggested. “Tell everyone you know” that you love to write and attend to your dream “daily.” It is by this avenue, that I came to have some great supporters of my efforts, and even my own personal freelance editor who reviews, corrects, and comments on the more serious items I’m considering for publication. He has been a great resource. It has helped him also with his dream of becoming a freelance editor. In his telling me this, I pointed a new writing acquaintance in his direction. Sonia’s method perpetuates.

Within the six-month period specified, I became “published” seriously for the first time, when my article appeared in Biker Ally, a motorcycle magazine dedicated to women motorcycle riders. I continue to write daily as Sonia suggests, and I find great satisfaction in my fingers on the keyboard. I have several arenas for my writing material. Some I post here in my blog, some I reserve for manuscript submissions to a variety of venues, which include magazines and literary contests. Why do I spread my manuscripts around? It’s because of the advice in this current book. I’m “fishing in the Divine Sea of Possibility.” I’ve refreshed this to my own liking and refer to it as fishing in the Limitless Sea of Opportunity.

When you drop your line into water, you believe there are fish below the surface. Patience is required, as you can’t expect to drop the line in and pull out a prize instantly. So it is with reaching any goal. Although you may not know exactly where the “fish” are, if you dangle your hook long enough, chances are you will be rewarded. If you cast your net wider, you could be surprised by the catch. I anticipate being surprised, and pleased. The possibilities and opportunities are limitless!

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