Monday, April 28, 2008

Trailer Project: The Power of Intention

Let me wax philosophically here for just a few moments before I proceed with the trailer update. In the past few years, I have been doing some serious reading. A lot of it would be considered “self help” by some. However, the books I have been reading have mostly to do with understanding how we think, our inner self talk, and understanding our true intentions. One of the concepts that have captured my imagination is the power of intention. All that you see in the world or that we use daily was just a thought of someone’s at one time. Through the power of intention it was manifested into the real world.

Fast forward to the present day and our desire to travel to Colorado. In order to take part in a motorcycle adventure of a lifetime we would need a few things we didn’t currently own nor have access too. Hence the Trailer Project was born. With a solid intention of moving forward with our plan, the word went out in the search of a trailer. The results of our intention is manifesting nicely into the real world as you can see in the photos below.

We are declaring the metal frame work complete. In this photo, you can see the frame completely sanded and primed. We put a gloss finish on the outsides only. The wheels and extended axel are seen in the second photo. We have options here, in that should we decide it’s needed, an extra set of springs is waiting on the side lines. Andy wanted some touches of color, so he painted the trailer jack, axle, and coupler ball lock, red. Just for good measure, he painted the ball red too.

Andy picked up a couple of sheets of plywood for the decking. We placed them on top so our imaginations can revel a bit in the concept of the finished product. Then those were removed, and the lights installed. I have to say, I’m impressed with Andy’s handiwork. We do want to install amber lights toward the front. Those have yet to be purchased.

Andy came across a donated can of oil based brown paint. Not my selection for deck color, but the price was right; free. This works nicely into our budget. First he said it was just for the underside, but when he saw how much was available, the decking became all brown.

With the trailer hitched to the car, we bumped it up and down the dirt road and over a few pot holes for a test. We identified a few rattles and will attend to those soon. I chuckle at being admonished that we “have plenty of time” to complete the project, only to find that Andy is the one who needs reminding. In the heat of the day or cold wind blowing, black flies buzzing, and sprinkles of rain, you can find the man working or pondering his next step. Now that’s the power of intention!

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