Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Teaser

Saturday, we had the pleasure of riding with the vacation group. Three couples, in the wind, dreaming of the vacation to come. While we were enjoying New England roads, my mind’s eye was envisioning the roads to the west.

In a recent post from Lee, the itinerary was laid out before us for review. He did a great job of plotting the route with Garmin attachment included for our GPS units. Below is a short overview of each day of riding we are planning to do. There are 2,537 riding miles for the 7 days of motorcycling bliss. When you read the short overviews below, you will understand our excitement in looking forward to this trip.

(I’ve borrowed the photos from the web. The credits are listed below.)

Day 1:
Overview : 371 miles ; Superslab riding; Cuchara Mountain Pass; a taste of scenic roads; Royal Gorge Bridge; Highway-of-Legends.

Day 2
Overview : 285 miles; Garden-of-the-Gods; Tennessee Pass; Rt. 24; Aspen; extremely scenic back roads; leisure, relaxing riding; Independence Pass.

Day 3
Overview: 334 miles; Superslab riding; extreme, continuous twisties; Rt. 72; Rocky Mountain National Park; Trail Ridge Road.

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park
The highest continuous paved road in the world
More than 10 miles of highway above 12,000 ft.

Day 4
Overview: 360 miles; Gunnison National Park; Black Canyon Dam; National Scenic Byway award winning roads.

Day 5
Overview: 408 miles; an ambitious day with an early start; Grand Canyon; Arizona; Lake Powell Dam.

Day 6
Overview: 400 miles; Lake Powell; Zion National Park; Fantastic superslab riding; Utah; Spotted Wolf Canyon.

Day 7
Overview: 398 miles; I-70 Superslab; high-speed trip back to Colorado Springs; Scenic roads toward Colorado Springs.


Royal Gorge Bridge

Garden of the Gods:

Trail Ridge Road:


Black Canyon Dam:

South Rim:

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