Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Riding Gear

Last season I purchased a new textile jacket for riding. The jacket I selected is a Rev’It Brand. It’s European, and you can find them at dealerships such as BMW. Unlike many women’s jackets, this one does not end abruptly at the waist but comes down below the belt line. A pleasant feature when you are riding as it doesn’t creep up the back exposing flesh.

I’ve been enjoying the new textile jacket and wanted to add the textile pant as well. It turns out European women’s sizes end a size smaller than what I am. This is disappointing to say the least. I’d have to go into a men’s pant, which is not suitable in my opinion. I spent all of last season trying to find a decent summer riding pant. With the Colorado trip coming I plan to bring two jackets, the new Rev’It and my summer weight which is a PowerTrip brand. It’s a great jacket, offering protection, while giving you the feeling of being air conditioned during the heat of the day.

In considering the gear I want to bring on this trip, I took a look at the leather pant. This is a good pant for early spring and late fall, but because they are hot in summer, I tend to ride in only jeans. Most of my riding is done with jacket and jeans, but I always am a bit uncomfortable. My last two vacations on the bike were with jeans only, but I feel the need for a decent riding pant.

The other day, I came across Tour Master Venture Air Pant for Women. I scrolled through the features. I liked what I read. With a few more question in mind, I called a local Tour Master Dealer for more details. Then I ordered a pair on line. I selected the “silver” color. My thinking here is that I can avoid black, which can be hot and also that its light enough not to clash with the white summer weight jacket, and also look OK with the black and gray Rev’It. I will have to wait and see how they look and feel when they arrive.

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