Sunday, April 13, 2008

Preparation Begins

Our Colorado trip is getting closer to reality thanks to the fine members of the New England Riders, and their generosity. With the acquisition of a trailer frame, once used as a base for a camper, we will build our two-bike trailer.

The price was right, a few hours travel time and a couple of gallons of gas and we had her home in the yard. Before sunset on Saturday, we had time enough to examine the frame closely, talk about our options, and leave it for the next day.

Sunday greeted us with overcast skies, and a slight wind chill, unlike the spring warmth of the day before. Such is life in New England. We had just enough time before the sprinkles began, to trim away the old bolts and give it a rough sanding,

I was put to work banging off a bit of unwanted angle iron that most likely once held up a now nonexistent bumper.

Then we devised a ramp. This was done mostly to feed my imagination, which is insatiable. I enjoyed every bit of the play acting as I walk the ramp, picturing Jade rolling up for the big trip ahead.

The rumor is that another couple may join us on the trip. If the rumor is true, and the other couple can manage it, that will put me on the road with three former colleagues. A thought that gives me much pleasure, as you couldn’t find a better crew, equaled only to the NER.

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