Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Dual Purpose Day
May Day and ABCD

With the arrival of the first day of May, came an annual celebration. Today is the birthday of our dear friend and motorcycling pal, Lee. He won’t like that I mentioned it here. Typically we just say “hey, let’s go out and celebrate May Day!” That’s how we get him on the bike and let him lead us anyplace that tickles his fancy. It usually works fairly well. However, today is also ABCD day, (A Bloggers Centerline Day) and I wanted to make sure I got a picture of me, the centerline, and something interesting.

With Lee given free reign, it’s hard to stop for photo ops. Anyone who knows Lee knows that the more the needle points to the right, the happier he is. Any shots on the fly would be nothing but a blur. Yet he took the leisurely way to his destination, and we had plenty to see along the way. A stop at Lake Sunapee was in order and we enjoyed the fine weather this day had to offer us, despite the snow still clinging to the ski runs on the mountains surrounding us.

We blasted back home via route 89 and parted ways at exit 2. Andy and I like the ride along route 13 to our home. This takes us through Dunbarton NH, and here is where I stopped for my photo. You can see me here standing in front of the historical Molly Stark House. This house is full of early American History. Our proud heritage is wrapped in many early American figures such as Molly Stark and her family; true patriots who sacrificed much to win the freedoms we enjoy today. Her husband General John Stark and their eldest son Caleb, fought side by side in the Battle of Bennigton against the British and Hessian army.

Pat in front of the Molly Stark Home.

Thanks to Molly and others like her and her family, Andy and I can escape on a beautiful May day, ride our motorcycles, and be free to choose where we go and what we do in this great country of ours. It is our obligation to remember them and to work to preserve the freedoms and rights they so bravely fought for. The tradition they began lead to the fight for women’s rights, as well the fight to fully accept that all men are created equal and should be judged by their character. I for one am thankful for these two in particular, because I am a woman who is free to ride if she so chooses and travel in the company of those she cherishes most and is blessed to call them friends.


mq01 said...

amen. yeah great post pat! :)

Eve said...

Hi Pat! Well, it turned out to be a perfect day for both celebrations! or was that all three!! A great post and I'm sure glad Gary came up with this thing!!

VStar Lady said...

Great post - and wasn't it fun to post and brag about where we're from.

Richard said...

Great pic, Pat!

Kate said...

I share the May Day birthday! I just blogged about my birthday ride too... but I had to chuckle, I am like Lee.. photos on the fly more than stop for pics. Maybe it's a Taurus thing.
Nice posting as always, Pat.

Debra said...

Glad to see you found a place to stop. Lord knows there isn't much when we're blasting down 89!

Good post and picture.