Friday, May 13, 2011

A Biker Makeover for Me

My phone alerts me to a new email message. I scroll to the entry. I blink and read the message twice. I'm one of four finalist in the Garage Girls Biker Makeover!

Now the public must vote for the winner.

My posts are typically to inform, amuse or reflect on some topic or other. Today, I'm asking you to click the link below, read my essay on why I think I'm deserving of a makeover and vote for me to win in the Garage Girls Biker Makeover.

Please go to this link:
and vote for me to win.

Voting closes June 15th.

Thanks so much!


fasthair said...

Ms. Pat and you are winning!!! :)


PatnWilton said...

Tom, Thanks for the vote! Please feel free to pass the link around to all your friends.

VStar Lady said...

Good luck Pat.