Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I’m in a bit of a lull. With the frenetic motorcycle search and haggling over and behind me it seems I don’t know what to do with myself these days. The forecast for the week is heavy rain. Not exactly motorcycle riding weather. Despite the lull, I am still focused on all things motorcycle.

Last week I ordered engine guards and await their arrival in a few days. The next item on the list is a new helmet. I’m ready for the “new every five” but am shocked at the prices. They sure have escalated in the last five years. My current helmet is an HJC CL Max. This is the modular helmet with the flip-face. I do like the flip face, especially when I pull up to the gas pump, or make a quick stop for rehydration. Flip pump, or flip sip, and off I go. The best price I’ve seen so far is $130 and the most expensive is $175. Quite a price range so I’m still looking with hopes of finding something more affordable. I paid $90 for the one I have now so you can see how I would hesitate to fork over $130. Candy red to match Blaze would be a plus.

Riding Blaze is such a pleasure. I can’t begin to express my emotion when gliding along the roadways with her. She is responsive, easily guided, and so well balanced, that I am left at the end of a ride in a quiet state of utter appreciation. My long search for just the right motorcycle for me seems to have been well worth the effort. She has had her 1,000 mile check and is ready to roll in earnest. Andy’s Vulcan is in the shop now getting tuned up and ready for the season. Andy seems to be eager to get out and ride. This is the first year I have witnessed restlessness in him where this is concerned. I am usually the one chopping at the bit.

This weekend we will join 60 other riders at the Meet and Greet breakfast. As typical of April, rain is predicted. We may need to cage it to the event. Despite this, I am looking forward to being immersed in all things motorcycle related; trip talk, bike talk, accessory talk, and even trash talk, the best kind of banter of all!


Jeff said...

Don't skimp on the helmet. What value do you put on your head?

I buy top line helmets every 5 years. Yes, they are pricey but they also tend to be lighter, more comfortable and look great.

Shop Big Toy and see the owner, Dave. Tell him I sent you. He can order you anything you need and will give you a very fair deal.


Joe Rocket

PatnWilton said...

Jeff, Thanks for the comment. I do pay attention to reviews, and test reports that have been done on various makes. I have also seen first hand the devastation of brain injury. Not something anyone wants to experience, believe me! Reminders are always good.