Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dressing Blaze

This morning when I rolled Blaze down the ramp, I found it amazing that she did not feel heavy, nor did I have trouble rolling her backwards over the threshold. I know Blaze did not loose weight, so it must be that we are becoming more accustomed to each other. We made our way up the dirt road to pavement and off we went to work on an absolutely phenomenal day. I looked down at the odometer and realized that Blaze and I have taken 1000 miles to become completely comfortable with each other.

During break as I flipped through a few catalogs for accessories and frou-frou I could dress Blaze with, I had a sudden attack of conscience. Is Blaze really the frou-frou type? Am I trying to recreate a Jade look on Blaze? Blaze has a personality all her own I think, so I am being more critical with myself about how I want to dress her up. Are red and black leather lever tassels really Blaze? Does she really need more chrome?

Over the weekend my friend Lee scolded me for not having a license plate frame. This is what he wrote to me the next day.

“I was reading the Boston papers at work, and ran across an article on how Pat Henderson’s bike appeared in public without a license plate frame. Apparently the Herald got the story before the Enquirer picked it up. But it was a rather large exposé on current events. Please no more newspaper stories. Get a license plate frame.”

Now there is a suggestion I can use. Jade did not have a license plate frame so I would not be treating Blaze the same as Jade. She does look a bit raw back there without the license plate frame. The only new item installed on Blaze to date is engine guards. That is more a necessity in my book in the same way I view helmets. In this I have not violated Blaze.

I will be scanning the catalogs with a more critical eye, and listening to what Blaze tells me of herself too. I think in time, we will both know what is right to distinguish her from others in her “family.” Whatever that may be, when you see us on the road you will know that Pat and Blaze are one, in mind, and spirit.

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