Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pat and Blaze Make New Friends

Blaze and I finally became more intimately acquainted this weekend as the temperatures rose above freezing and the sun’s rays warm enough to make things tolerable for both of us. For our first excursion we concentrated more on getting familiar with how we felt to each another. I am impressed so far. Blaze is responsive and yielding to my touch and goes where I want her to go. We even found a few sand free parking lots so I could put her through the paces, weaving between lot lines, with imaginary cones, accelerating and testing the brakes with hard or “panic” stops. She dipped and weaved nicely without any hint that what I was asking her to do was out of the ordinary.

We ended our Saturday, slipping and sliding through the muck back to the house. Even here, she was manageable as I encouraged her onward. We made it back to the “barn” without becoming bogged down, although her undersides are showing signs of the trip in and out of the property. Once home, I realized we were ready for a more prolonged jaunt and Andy and I agreed to meet up with the Amherst Motorcycle Club the next day.

The members of the Amherst Motorcycle Club are a friendly laid back group. We arrived at the start early, and a modest crew did show for at least coffee. I made their acquaintance and introduced Blaze. We admired her amenities and lines, which is her due. Then we set off with three of the members for a Sunday ride. Though not long in miles, it was enough for the first day out. The temperatures began to drop and soon it became quite chilly. We arrived home just before flakes of snow appeared.

It is always a great day when you meet new friends. Blaze and I will meet up with the Amherst crowd again. Before then however, I am anxious to show her off to the old crowd too. That day is coming soon, and by then, Blaze and I will be a comfortable team, ready for longer days on the road.

From 2009 season

From 2009 season

From 2009 season


Richard said...

Nice post for a nice day. I enjoyed the pictures. I wish I could have joined in but chores,work at 4:00 and the fact that my middle son, Nathaniel, was going back to school from spring break kept me around the house. Nice group of people from AMC. It's good to know that there are people to ride with on most Sundays. I hope to catch up with you and Andy on a ride. See you soon and keep posting to the Blogm I always enjoy your writing.
Rich (PuckerNoMore)

JoeRocket said...

Hi Pat,

It was great to finally meet you, after all of this online correspondence. I'm happy that you had a chance to meet at least a few of our members.

The group seems to have grown exponentially over the past year and I have to admit that, there are some who "say" they are members but I've not met or ridden with yet.

I loved the photos and hope that you will consider joining us again when you can. You're always welcome as we are an open club, eager to meet new people and ride new roads.

I'll look forward to riding with you soon.

Best wishes,

AKA JoeRocket

PatnWilton said...

Jeff, I was pleased to finally meet you as well. I have enjoyed your blog and I recognized you from some photos before you came in the door:-) I enjoyed meeting Stephanie as well. We both appreciate spacious saddle bags which puts her high on my "good egg" list! (grin)

PatnWilton said...

Richard, I looked for you and was a bit disappointed when you couldn't make it. I so understand about family obligations. I have three daughters of my own and two grandchildren. I never miss a chance to kiss baby cheeks:-)