Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hobbies Keep Me Hopping

Blaze has been a member of the clan now for nearly two weeks, and has yet to be out of the yard. The muck reaches out like tentacles at the tires and threatens to suck her into the netherworld. It doesn’t keep me from rolling her out into the sun and tinkering with this and that. Andy is hard at work moving all my gizmos from Jade to Blaze.

In the midst of dressing Blaze with all my toys, I received word that the book release will be March 28th. I’m excited to see my name in print. Sure, I’m only one of 40 contributors to the book about the ice storm that devastated Southern New Hampshire in December, but still, it’s exciting. I’m looking forward to the book signing too in the hopes of some networking possibilities.

The Monadnock Writer’s Group meets this Saturday and the anticipation of that gives me butterflies in the stomach. This month I’m the fifteen minute reader. This perk, for members only, allows a person to read aloud to the group from their original work. Since I have been taking the workshop on short fiction, I selected two excerpts from my short fiction murder mystery. The reaction from that will help me understand if I’m on the right track or not.

Then later that day, if time permits, the muck lets up and the weather gods smile upon us, Andy and I will fire up the beasts and take them for a run. With both my favorite hobbies occupying my time, it’s irksome when my conscience pricks me about responsibilities I’m ignoring at such time. I then remember a poem I once read about mother’s rocking their babies and just as babies are all too soon grown, so too is the season fleeting. Adventure beckons, and writing about it calls my name! The chores will still be there when I get back.

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Baron's Life said...

I'm looking forward to reading it. If you do ride...ride carefully...break her in slowly