Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nails for Breakfast

I know a few people who have giant egos. This statement may seem like a derogatory statement, but I find it a compliment and something to aspire too. The people I know with the trait I am describing have a faith in their abilities that nothing and no one can shake. Their self esteem is rarely crushed by set-backs in their endeavors. In fact any variation from the original plan is viewed as a learning tool to take forward and apply to their effort and bring it to fruition. They never wallow in self pity or bemoan a missed opportunity, but rather make opportunities for themselves. Strong in mind and will, they take no offense at insensitive barbs. You may actually have to point out to them that they are being offended before it is even recognized.

It is no wonder the people I admire are able to achieve their professional goals and attain the positions they desire. Their single minded confidence in their abilities leaves no room for failure. Should they not be where they want to be now, it is only because they are not there yet. The plan is in place and it will happen soon. I have noticed that they never lose sight of the goal. All else is external and peripheral or gauged in its value as useful to the plan.

I am watching them in order to recreate this in myself. I need a bit more inner strength to withstand the sense of rejection that comes with the employment search. Can anything leave one feeling more vulnerable than exposing on paper the achievements of your life, and posting them for the world to see? No one reading this short script can imagine the toil and trauma behind the starched and pressed words on the page. This is your one chance to catch the attention of a potential employer. The selling of your self has begun.

If you are fortunate, you will be summoned for an audience. You prepare a script for any possible question. You practice your best smile. In their hands are your starched and pressed words being picked apart and analyzed for their worthiness. You are thanked for your time and ushered back out the door…to wait. To wait and wait some more until finally you realize you have been rejected.

It is under just such a series of events that found me a victim of self pity. I indulged in a full hour of it, filled with self reproach. “I should have said this” or “maybe I should have” that, forever second guessing the process. It was then that I reached to retrieve an item from my tote bag. My hand stopped short, I wiped at the angry tear that threatened to flow, and pulled the bag up onto my desk. There, I perched it at an angle I could view for the remainder of the day. On this bag, is a quote I learned from my ego filled, self esteemed friend. This quote has carried me through tougher times than this mistake at not recognizing my greatness. In fact I would have been a perfect fit and a great addition to their team. However, they will suffer the consequences of not hiring a strong and capable woman such as me. A pressed and starched resume cannot reveal that “I Eat Nails for Breakfast!”

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