Friday, September 28, 2007

Life on the Edge

My writer friend Tim contacted me this week about a writing project that we spoke about last May. This project is finally getting off the ground. The title of the project is Life on the Edge of New Hampshire Granite.

Life on the Edge, as I like to refer to it, will be a wiki site where members can add and modify content. Linked to the companion sites "" and "", it will be an integral part of the whole. Tim, a fabulous photographer, posts his best work at these sites.

The intent of Life on the Edge of New Hampshire Granite is to present snippets of life as experienced by those who make their home here. Contextually, we hope to limit the stories to personal experiences only so the collection captures life in the Granite State. In May, we collected a considerable volume of snippets by simply scouring our personal e-mail files. It was a great place to retrieve stories that we shared with friends and family.

The Wiki format is new to me. Collaborating, contributing and learning are all the features that attract me to this project. I have the time, talent and desire to work and make this project a success. These days, time is what I have of most. There are those who are not so fortunate.

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