Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rolled Coins

Today I read an article on line about how blogging can get you fired. I was intrigued at how a person could innocently make an anonymous remark and then end up canned. OK, fair warning. This blog will not contain any work related items going forward. However, since that is where I spend my time, things could get a little dry. Not that anything worthwhile is happening there anyway.
I needed to refill the postage stamps that employees can buy for personal use, so I add up the change and on my break go next door to Shaw’s to get a couple of books of stamps. There is a young girl at the counter. Her name tag reads Meghan. I hand Meghan the envelope with the exact change for three books of stamps. In the envelope is a roll of dimes. Meghan looks at the roll of dimes and sighs heavily. She then disappears into the back room, returns shortly and makes a phone call. I presume the call is to her manager. She says she has a customer with a roll of dimes that she’s taken out back. It doesn’t appear to weight the right amount for a roll of dimes. She listens a moment, then hangs up. She tells me she can’t accept rolled coins. “OK” I say and open the packet and count out the coins and place them on the counter in nice little piles of one dollar each. She is completely annoyed, steps aside and waits on the next customer. When she is through with the woman behind me, she picks up the phone again and tells the person that I have opened the roll and have the coins laid out. Is she to accept them? I can’t here the response, but Meghan is not happy. Now she has to count each little pile of dimes. I finally get my stamps and a receipt, which is handed to me in a not so nice manner. Meghan doesn’t realize that she has just become the victim of my returning often with lots of coins for her to count.
I head down the other end of the store to the Dunkin’ Donuts counter and get a large iced coffee, cream no sugar. Meghan has me feeling like I need a rush of caffeine. The girl at the Dunkin’ Donut counter is pleasant so I leave feeling much better.
This day has me feeling a little blue. I miss my friends and the breaks in my day that used to be filled by them. I made some good friends here and I plan to stay connected as long as they’re willing. So it was a pleasure to receive a call from my good friend Lee this evening. He’s riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, including the Tail of the Dragon, with his buddies. This 11 mile stretch of road is motorcycle heaven for those who love the twisties. It can also be deadly. Lee, however, seems to have survived unscathed, not only one way down the tail, but back and down again. He admits to seeing a few accidents and a Goldwing being hauled away on a flatbed. We chat a few minutes about his vacation and then he’s off to supper with his friends.
I know that every day can’t be filled with excitement and adventure, but I miss the full busy days I used to experience only a short time ago. I believe that there is more for me, and new and exciting opportunities just around the corner. When the time is right, these opportunities will present themselves if I remain alert and have faith. Despite this bit of blue I’m currently under, I still believe this to be true. For now, I will practice patience. I’ve recently been introduced to a new concept in patience I hadn’t been aware of before. I have written about patience as it’s been a life long struggle for me to come to terms with. I shall post my thoughts on that next.

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