Monday, July 23, 2007

Travel Day Two July 23, 2007

Day Two, Monday July 23, 2007
We lounged around in the morning because we are in no big hurry. When we take our leave of the Happy Bear at Killington, we head north on 100. It’s sunny and warm and we ride along until we find a place to eat breakfast. We stop at the Original General Store in Pittsfield Vermont. I’m not sure what this building dates back too, but it certainly is rustic. They have a general store, a few tourist items, and a collectables shop in the back and even a wine cellar in the basement. They serve food at a few tables just inside the door. We can watch the goings on in the place and it has that small town flavor. People great each other with familiarity. Andy witnesses a lady enter with a large empty jar, about gallon size, and the woman behind the counter fills it with milk. It’s possible that it is raw milk straight from the cow. What else could it be? I haven’t seen something like that in years, and then only once in Temple. We have a great big breakfast since it’s late and figure it will last the day. We both have the Three Meadows special: three eggs, hash browns, toast and bacon or ham. I have the bacon and Andy gets the ham which is large enough to feed a family of five! After breakfast my stomach starts to cramp and I begin to realize that I should not have eaten the meal I had last night. I was a spicy deal and burned on the way down. I’ll be paying for that I’m sure.
We are once again heading north on route 100. We are enjoying scenery and the local road side mystery scenes. We spot a teepee in a field, a vintage bike propped high on a pedestal and neat stuff like covered bridges and the like. We spot some falls and turn into the parking area. We walk the footpath and read the sign that indicates this is called Glenn Falls. There is a large sign like a giant placard posted near the falls. On it is listed the names, ages and date of the individual who died or were seriously injured while trying to scale the falls. I’m not thinking of scaling the falls; my lower GI track is giving me trouble. My advice is this. While on vacation, never eat an entree with the words el Diablo in the title. I’m in serious trouble and my only option is to hike into the woods beyond the foot path. Andy is sympathetic and also handy with the tissues. How humiliating! As bad as it is to have such trouble it will never beat an unfortunate incident in church with I was in second grade. That time, I gave sitting in your pew a whole new meaning. My hike into the woods turns out to be successful without nasty incident and I’m back to the footpath before the next folks pull into the parking area.
Back in the parking area we run into two dudes on Harleys off on an adventure of their own. It’s a fender pointer is seems, and they admire some of our gear. The dude speaking with me is especially interested in the GPS. I give him the quick version of my explorist leaping to its death and my friends the New England Riders coming to my rescue. They’re pleasant and we have a few chuckles before we are on our way once again.
We have to deal with some road construction here and there along the way. When we reach the intersection of route 2 Andy heads west. By the GPS we are off course. I had planned to go a bit more north before we head west. I try to use the horn, but all it does is croak. What the heck now? I try the headlight flashing. He finally pulls over and I tell him we are off course. “But this is route 2” he proclaims. Whatever. We head west on 2. At a traffic light I tell him my intention was to avoid Burlington. We start on the back and forth of miscommunication we always fall into. You would think that after 30 years we would learn how to avoid this pattern. In any event, it Burlington we go through and then continue on 2 up to the Grand Isle area. Our intention is to cross Lake Champlain using this route. The drive is pleasant along this stretch with views of the lake on both sides. We stop for at a drawbridge as its being lowered back into place. I believe this is in North Hero. While stopped we eye the marina and the sailboats moored or out on the lake. It’s a busy spot for water sports. At the point where you cross into New York there is a magnificent span over the lake. I spot the remains of an early American fortress with cannon facing me. I see an area to pull over before we head over the bridge, but Andy has picked up speed, and my photo opportunity is lost.
Now that we are on the New York side we will make our way south to Whiteface. Something isn’t right with the route I have on the GPS. We make a number of false turns and finally stop at a plaza to regroup. It’s nearly four o’clock so we go into the market and get a couple of premade sandwiches, chips and a soda. We look at our hard copy map, compliments of AARP. I like to believe I’m technologically able, but here I am looking at a paper map. Since Andy has a nose for direction, I tell him to go whichever way he chooses. We head down 87 for a bit and then find our way to route 3 and take that into Serenac Lake. It’s getting late and there is no way we will climb the mountain at this hour. We take a break in town and have ice cream. I check the GPS for local motels, and we end up at Lakeside Motel. Our room is not far from the lakes edge and the pool is right outside our door. There is a guy sitting outside a door a few down from us typing away on this laptop. Andy finds out from him that there is an open wireless network from next door. He isn’t too friendly as he is intent on his business. I sit outside for a bit with my own laptop, but he is loud with his business talk on the cell phone and it starts to bug me. We are in room number 40 and the parking for number 40 is right in front of him. I have half a mind to start up the bike and rev it a few times just for payback. I don’t do it of course, but just the playing it out in my mind was quiet satisfying. Tomorrow, finally, we will head up Whiteface and from there we are off to the St. Lawrence Seaway in Messina.


Tim Somero said...

It's great to read your stories and I hope your vacation continues to be a wild success.

cdkitty said...

Hey girl....ENJOY hearing about your trip...keep it up....