Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tech Support has Technical Trouble?

This is our first day home from vacation. I linger before I get up. The day outside my window looks gloomy. We left the bikes out overnight because we want to wash them this morning. As I make coffee, the rain begins to fall. I lament that the motorcycles are out in the rain. Andy is unconcerned stating that it will only help to loosen the bugs. I head to the bathroom to get ready for the day when a bolt of lightning strikes, immediately followed by a tremendous crack of thunder. With the clap of thunder the medicine cabinet flies open and several items leap out. Yikes! That was scary. I do a cursory check and don’t see any damage outside or in. I pick things up and put them back in the cabinet.
I have a ton of laundry, but I decide to read a newspaper or two and have an extra cup of coffee. Andy is trying to read the paper too, but he can’t find his prescription eye glasses. We talk about the last time we’ve seen them. He remembers using them in Gorham at our last motel. I look for the receipt and their number is listed. He calls the office and tells them which room we were in, and asks if they found some glasses. They take our number and say they will call back. I’m skeptical, but soon the phone is ringing and the news is good. The glasses were found and they will ship them C.O.D. This is the second pair he has misplaced. The first pair took a leap off his bike without his notice. Those were never found.
I start a load of laundry and decide I have to think about groceries. We don’t have any food in the house. Before I do that, however, I need to answer some correspondence and take care of the checkbook. I also tinker with my blog to make it more to my liking. The current template was chosen as a result of deciding at the last moment to blog our vacation. Finally, I log out and shut down the laptop and attend to duties.
As I close the front door upon leaving for the market, the outside light bulb falls shattered to the step. I’m confused for a moment, but decide that lighting strike might have shattered the bulb. It did, after all, pop that cabinet door right open.
I head to the market furthest from the house, because they carry a few things I want, that the other market doesn’t carry. It’s odd to be in the van. There is an advantage in that it’s raining hard and I don’t have to worry about rain gear, my hair, or soaking wet feet. I return with the goods and Andy helps bring them into the house. The skies look a little brighter and it may stop raining. It does, and Andy washes first his, and then my bike. I usually wash my own bike, so this is a treat. One less thing I have to do.
I take a break from folding the laundry and open the laptop. The screen has a line running down the left hand side! What the heck is that? I fiddle with the settings. Nothing. I reboot it several times. The line is still there, running from top to bottom two inches from the left. It’s close to 5:00 but I call the tech support line. I’ve had this thing a month. Good thing I purchased a two year warranty to go with it. A technician named Bob takes my call. Bob has a thick Indian accent. I’m sure his real name isn’t “Bob”. I’m on the phone with Bob about 30 minutes, during which time we are waiting for Bob’s tools to reset. He’s having technical difficulty. Am I the only one who finds this ironic? In the end Bob can’t help me because their system is down. He tells me to call back tomorrow. “What is my reference number?” I ask him politely. He tells me he can’t even do that because everything is down. “You mean there is no record of my call?” That appears to be correct. Bob finally suggests that someone call me back. We arrange that someone will call me in the morning.
I move on to other issues. I log into my Verizon account. I have to get a new phone. I’m eligible for an upgrade and I will have to do so. That way, I can activate my current phone for Andy to use. His phone is useless at the moment. It is pretty much ready for the rubbish heap. I select the one I want and plan to go to the Verizon store tomorrow. You can buy on line, but I want my data transferred to the new phone. You can’t do that on line.
Andy has gone out to get some stuff for slugs. He sprinkled stuff before we left, but the slugs this year are plentiful. The plants in the garden are showing signs of being munched away. I estimate what time he’ll be home and start supper to be ready at the time I anticipate. Just as everything is about ready, he arrives. I love good timing, and not eating alone. Andy laments a little at the lazy day. We haven’t attended to a whole lot. In my mind, we race around all year, so what’s the big deal. There are precious few hours in a lifetime to do nothing at all. Enjoy it.

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