Friday, February 19, 2010

Focus: Obstacles vs Path

It has been nearly a week since our visit to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston. While there I found myself focusing on the finer detail rather than the bigger picture. Amidst the hustle and bustle of crowds, rows of vendors and a kaleidoscope of colorful motorcycles, it was the detail that caught my attention. Sounds of milling people became as background white noise, and peripheral vision more tunneled.

As the week progressed I found myself looking at my life from the motorcycle perspective. Motorcycling teaches me more about life than I once realized. When applied to my current circumstances, I find that I am learning so much of value. For instance, in motorcycling it is important to understand the road conditions and anticipate the obstacles seen and unseen. Yet, it is not the obstacles you should focus on, but where you are going. You can’t look at your fender and hope to get to your destination safe and sound. In the motorcycle safety course, you are grilled about “looking where you want the motorcycle to go.” If you do that, you will reach your destination. I can assure you, that if you are looking at your fender you will not be traveling far.

I am traveling a new road these days, figuratively and literally. Yet, while I am dodging the obstacles left and right, my sights are set well ahead. I can see the twists, and bends, the uphill battles, and the places ripe for coasting. I still have time to enjoy the scenery, but not let it distract me from my destination.

Not long ago all I could see was the fender, and I sat waiting for the impact. Then these words of wisdom were spoken to me by my dear friend Lee.

“Pat, what are you doing to strategize your position?”

What indeed? I began to look up, ahead, and down the path. Once I started to look where I was going, things started coming into focus. I’m looking where it is I want to go, overcoming obstacles, enjoying the ride, but never losing sight of the destination. Enjoy the scenery of where you are going, and as in the photos above, appreciate the finer details, but never ever forget where it is you want to be.


mq01 said...

incredible post. seems many of us are/have experienced similar realizations recently, of self, of life, of direction. thank you, this hit home. just remember to enjoy the variety and changes that lifes roads bring :)

PatnWilton said...

Ms M: Thanks for your comment. Yes, awareness of just what life's gifts are is half the battle.