Sunday, February 7, 2010

Envy is Such an Ugly Word

Last night found Andy and me enjoying the company of our fellow riders at the Annual New England Riders Holiday Party. The usual casts of characters were present to offer some great verbal banter, not to mention the typical tickling of the funny bone a few of them are noted for. Lunatic Tim has a great sense of humor and if it’s not coming from the lips, he’s wearing it boldly on his chest.

Phat Pat surprised me in that he one upped the Lunatic.

Then there are those who are genuinely interested in news and keep up with each and every individual. With my new duties at work, I posted on the board the reason for my infrequent visits as of late. True to form of the caring nature of the NER, many asked about the details of my new working adventure. The NER has a way of being all inclusive and making you feel like family. What a great bunch of riders!

While this year’s event may have taken place a bit later than in past years, it served to instill keener anticipation for the upcoming season. However, it took one lady to trigger in me an envy that is going to have me scheming for my own adventure this summer.

Come June, Kate, also known as the Bee because of her bright yellow Harley, will embark on a solo trek across the country that will take her from Massachusetts to the Puget Sound in Washington. She is incorporating Spot, has Scorpion USA lined up as a sponsor, and is looking for someone to sponsor lodging. Her trip will include stops in Wisconsin, an extraordinary road along the Mississippi, the HD museum (of course) Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies to mention only a few. She’s finished with a few engine modifications and a new set of handlebars for greater comfort.

Bee will be traveling for a month and anticipates clocking 9,000 miles by the time she returns. Since I can’t budget a month of time for myself this season and am relegated to a much shorter trip than I’ve enjoyed the past two years, you can bet I’ll be following her on Spot. (The green eyed monster will probably be sitting right beside me.)

Want to know more about Kate’s adventure, follower her progress on Spot or just learn more about long distance travel, visit the links I have below. You might want to visit her shop on line too. If you or someone you know can sponsor lodging, use the contact information at her website, The Bee Hive.

Kate's own words.

The Bee Hive

Kamala Boutique

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mq01 said...

wow, im excited for kate, that is going to be a fantastic journey and i cant wait to hear more!!!