Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Don’t Witches Wear Underwear?
(And other things to talk about on Halloween)

Saturday, October 31st proved to be unseasonably warm in these parts. It may have made for great fall riding if not for the persistent drizzle that began late morning. So rather than chance slipping around on wet leaves, I took myself over to Dave’s for the afternoon. He, Lee and Deb had scheduled a photo shoot. With a few muscle man pictures being planned, how could anyone want to miss out on that? Off I went.

If you took a look at RoadRunner’s current issue, you already know that Dave takes great photos. He is working at perfecting his portrait shots and some of us have raised our hands to be practice models. Saturday was Lee and Deb’s day. Having heard what Lee had in mind, I was all about being a fly on the wall.

Dave had everything ready, and I thought for sure the ribbing would soon begin when I overheard comments about “man hair.” What? Did I miss the first zinger? But Dave was all business and would not be easily distracted. He did not even crack a smile with I offered up my Halloween joke. “Why don’t witches wear underwear?” Lee was all over the punch line, but Dave was ready with the snap snap snap to capture the grin on Lee’s face. Deb, as usual, anticipates Lee’s antics and is as gracious as ever.

I got my notepad out (as good writers will do) to be sure to jot down the one-liners. I had my camera ready too, as I wanted some behind the scenes photos of my own. Soon we were all business too, watching Dave do his thing and learning a few tid bits about photography as the day wore on. Dave adjusted his umbrella lights and the soft box to chase away the shadows from the backdrop. He added rim lighting for greater effect on some of Lee’s muscle man photos. He gave direction, adjusted his camera and worked up a real sweat as he got into his favorite hobby.

It turned out I was not that useless either. “Hold your hand here Pat” I was asked to dispel a bit of light. “Hold the reflector” so he could get a bit more light under the chin. I was impressed! Dave is on his way to perfecting his portrait shots. The afternoon zipped by. Dave has posted a few favorites on his Flickr site. Here you can enjoy a few behind the scene pictures I took.

Oh, and if you want the punch line to my Halloween joke, you will have to send me e-mail. Use the link in the menu bar to the right.

You can leave Dave comments about his photos at his Flickr site. If you have any words for Lee or Deb, I’ll be happy to pass them along.

Being a fly on the wall can be so enjoyable!

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Bob said...

You really captured how engrossing the photo shoot became.

I also like the photos you added, the "Making of" series.

Thanks for writing,