Monday, November 30, 2009

Pin Up Girl

We couldn’t believe the temperature was inching toward 50 on Sunday. After all, it was November 29th! To celebrate, Blaze and her pal decided to take an afternoon jaunt down some roads less traveled. Since this is the latest in the season I have ever ridden, I wanted this day to be all about Blaze.

The New England Riders put together a calendar each year to raise a few dollars for some of the fun stuff we do. The photos come from the riders themselves. There are rules of course. The photo must be bike themed, have a motorcycle in it, or be taken at some NER function. The photo should be taken and submitted in the month for which the photos are being collected. At the end of the month all members of the New England riders can vote for their favorite. If you are lucky enough to have snapped the prize shot, you get to be in the following year’s calendar selection.

I happen to feel Blaze is a beautiful subject model, so I expressed my desire to stop at November looking spots and snap photos. What is a November looking spot? Well in my mind that would be trees devoid of leaves, brown and copper colored undergrowth, and maybe a long shadowed photo. While I’m not sure any of the photos are calendar worthy, it certainly isn’t because Blaze isn’t a good subject. It’s quite possible the photographer needs more practice. Never-the-less, it was a fun day. If she could talk, Blaze would tell you she likes the Big Red photo herself. Not for any monthly theme, but for the “Big Red” reference. Take a few moments and enjoy the photos of the pin up girl herself.

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