Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Huron: Toronto to Espanola

We decided as a group, that all of Canada must be under construction. That is how it seems to us anyway. Getting to Toronto was one thing, trying to get out was another. My GPS found the on ramp OK, but shortly after it became bedlam. There were so many lane shifts and interchanges that following Lee left then right then left became nearly impossible. I say nearly as at one point Lee and Debbie swung left at an interchange and I proceeded right. It happened so fast! Fortunately there is a triangular bit of no man’s land where wayward cars can leap back to the direction they want. Add to that the nice little bubble the Good Lord put around me and not one commuter picked me off as I made the switch. I can tell you, I was happy to put Toronto behind me. Lee later said that his new GPS did wonders. He had no idea where the roads were going, but the GPS kept him on track. Mine however, wanted me to drive where no road existed…as they are all torn up and the poor unit nearly fried itself recalculating.

The ride to the ferry was much more comfortable. We enjoyed the wind farm and all its majesty. We chuckled at the “Curling Registrations Now Open” to remind us we are in Canada. On cloud did get us wet, but we were in and out of it soon enough and arrived at the ferry at our scheduled time. Andy and I had lunch overlooking the water, and soon it was time to board.

As it is late and I’m over due for bed, I am posting photos of the ferry. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Let me just say, once off the ferry and on to our hotel, the roads were spectacular! Long sweeps, and road cresting views that delight, the smell of sweet grass heady were a delight!

Good night from Espanola. Enjoy the pictures.

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Baron's Life said...

Toronto is not a place you wnat to be at at the best of times....IT's one one big huge parking lot....