Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Lakes Loop

I kiss all the babies one last time, hug my daughter and tell her she will be OK on her own and make my way back to New Hampshire. Andy and I are just settling in when the phone rings. It’s Lee, he’s working on our vacation plans and needs input. As the conversation progresses, I can feel the anticipation rise as we discuss this option and that. Our destination this year is to the Great Lakes. Yes, all of them, in one great loop.

We are hammering out the final details. First Lee is constructing a route. The major focus at this moment is time. Time as in the number of days we have to ride, how many hours in a day we want to ride, and the time, distance and obstacles we have to consider that may affect our time, and where we want to budget for more time.

When we are all in agreement about time, we will focus on where and how to spend it. There is Niagara of course, and a curiosity about Toronto where none of us have been. We want to take the ferry to the tip of Bruce Peninsula. We are curious about the area where three of the lakes nearly touch each other. We will spend an extra day here to explore. We want to take our bikes over the longest suspension bridge in the country at over 5 miles long. Why not? After all we went over the highest suspension bridge last year in Colorado. Once over the bridge we will ride for 200 shore miles along Lake Huron.

With all of us in agreement over these major points of interest, our next step is to investigate other possible sight seeing venues that fit into our time management. Here is a rough draft of our route as it stands today. If you know of any points of interest we should not miss, drop me a line. But don’t dally, our departure is mid July, and time, once again, is a factor.

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PatnWilton said...

We will vist Niagara from the Canadian side. Have been on the US side a time or two.

mq01 said...

it looks like it should be a fantastic trip!!!

Sheila D said...

Wow, how exciting. You guys are so lucky to have to vacation time to cruise long distance.