Friday, May 15, 2009

Which Way?

On the way to the Northshore Rimby a few weekends ago, Andy’s speedometer stopped working 12 miles into our ride to the start point. We pulled over a few times, to check the cable connections, but couldn’t see anything wrong with it. We surmised that somewhere along the line, the cable had frayed or snapped. Not having your speedometer working is one thing; not having your miles recorded on the odometer is another. Andy pissed and moaned about this in ways I could not understand. It turns out he feels this will unduly affect him at the end of the season when we compete for high mileage bragging rights.

There is another down side to the speedometer trouble, his signal will not cancel. How annoying to be behind someone whose signal is blink blink blinking for miles on end down the highway. This results in people cutting you off, confused about what you are up too, and wondering when you will change lanes. It stinks for those of us who follow behind as well, because we never know what move he is going to make next, and we need to follow.

Andy picked up a new cable, installed it and went for a ride. He was not pleased to discover that the needle did not move on the face of the speedometer. That sent us on a search for other possibilities. We’ve decided he needs a new part inside the front wheel hub, called the receiver.

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The part is on order. In the meantime, I have asked Andy (until I’m blue in the face) to please remember to cancel the signal manually. A simple request right? Apparently not so. On subsequent outings, I warned him that I would use my nice Stebel Air horn to remind him each time. By the end of that outing, the horn was dead. All that honking must have killed the poor thing. I traced the wiring, checked the fuses, looked at the air horn, and then went to the forum to ask my pals if they had any idea. Some did. It seems the opinion of many is that the relay switch that comes with the Stebel horn is “crap.”

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I’m going to check this little gem next. And is typical of my friends on the forum, if they couldn’t offer technical advice, they offered sympathy.

“Gee Pat, (I was going to say) that really blows! But we're PG here;-) And besides, it doesn't anymore!” ~NomadBob~


Baron's Life said...

Here's some real advice..go to the bike shop and get the dam thing fixed...!
Cheaper in the long run

PatnWilton said...

Andy's part is on order, however, we don't like to stop riding just for that....horn is fixed too. Bad relay.

fasthair said...

I can help :)

Terminal 30=battery + (B+), 87=consumer (horn). 86=relay control +, 85=relay control -, 87a=consumer when relay is "off".

Little too late to help but now you know.


Baron's Life said...

Great Job