Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tickling My Funny Bone

The New England Riders are a great bunch of folk. Not only do I enjoy riding with them, but their website is a great resource too. Linked in with the website is a Delphi Forum where we exchange banter, talk tech, and organize rides. I find that while these are all good reasons for returning to the forum regularly, it is the way my funny bone is tickled that really brings me back time and again.

One of the members parted with a long time favorite motorcycle the other day when he sold it to a gentleman from Georgia. The sentiment he expressed at having to part with an “old friend” gave me some comfort knowing that I am not odd or weird at having experienced these same emotions myself so recently.

While I try to articulate these feelings here and on the forum, taking time with this word or that, to fully express how I feel, it takes the NER folk just a few short sentences to get right to the point. With each post I found myself drawn in and empathizing with the man at the twinges in his heart at the separation.

Women will typically continue to console each other, offer advice on how to move on and put forth any kind words they think will help. Men will offer sympathy, kind words and advice, for only so long, Then wham…things take a turn and you know they are already getting over it. How do I know? Check out the exchange below:

Bikes are just big hunks of mostly metal. Why do we get attached to them? It is sad when they go but we move on. Sometimes I still do miss my old bikes. Can't say that about my ex-wife. ~snoweyowl~

I too miss some old bikes but considering that she was a lot more expensive to maintain, I am not surprised that I don't miss my ex wife She was like leasing a Yugo with a Mercedes maintenance plan LOL:) ~Magilla~

Women can learn a few lessons here I think.

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Baron's Life said...

Hahahaha...LMAO good post..You're right about us Men...We move on fast and hard. No time for romantic attachment for old flames. Always get a newer, younger model. keep on riding safely. I look forward to reading your interesting posts