Monday, October 27, 2008

“Your job is to stay on”

My sister, like many of us, often finds her life dictated by her fears. I have been watching my sister reclaim her independence these days by facing her fears and overcoming them. Not only that, but she has taken on challenges she would not have considered in the past. That is how we came to promise that we would take her on a motorcycle ride this season. “I would like to go for a ride” she had said “if only because it is not something one would think I would do.”

As happens so often, we find life dragging us along and the season was quickly coming to a close. So when we woke to a glorious day during the last weekend in October, we took the opportunity to show up on her door step. With spare jacket and helmet ready, she willing donned both and climbed on the back of Andy’s bike. “You aren’t planning to get on the highway are you?” she asked. “Don’t worry, you're still a virgin. I wouldn’t do that to you.” My sister’s laughter rang in the air as she hadn’t heard that term associated with her in years.

The day was one of full sunshine, enough fall foliage still along the roadways, and the fall air just cool and refreshing enough, but not cold that it made for great riding. We wove our way along the secondary roadways until we came to a stop in Dover. My sister was doing fine. Once her back side adjusted to the seat, and she let her fear go, she found herself enjoying the ride. “I stopped looking where we were going and enjoyed the view” she said. “Good” said Andy. “Your job is to stay on the bike.” We all love the way Andy has with understatement.

With the day quickly slipping by we hightailed it back to her place. To get her home on time, we did have to take a short strip of highway. Following behind, I wondered how long my sister could hold her breath or keep her eyes closed. We delivered her to her doorstep safe and sound. As for the strip of highway, Andy declared her “now a woman.” It was great to have my sister along to share with her what we enjoy so much. Next season, were sure to have her along with us again.

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Willie aka NomadWillie said...

So when did she take the MSF course. You are enabling another rider. GOOD FOR YOU !