Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Countdown has Begun

July 4th found the vacation couples out for a group ride in what may well be the last opportunity to ride together before the big trip to the Rocky Mountains. We were joined by Dave, who was at loose ends for the day. A welcomed addition to the days ride.

Our ride took us out to Pioneer Valley along route 2 through North Adams Massachusetts. This ride affords a climb, with twist and turns, including a hairpin before you drop to the Connecticut River. Traveling over the river always leaves me with awe and my mind travels back to a time when rivers were the highways of choice. The day started out overcast, but the sun arrived in time to glint, twinkle and reflect of the waters of the Connecticut.

From there, we headed north on route 7 to route 9 in Vermont. This route takes you over Hogback Mountain. By this time the day was bright and warm. The views stretched out below us from the observation deck. From Hogback, we continued on route 9 until we connected with route 119 back into NH and made our way to Kimball’s for a celebratory ice cream cone. No ride is complete without ice cream.

Our focus now is on the final plans and last minute details before our departure. The countdown is on, the excitement is building as we hammer out and fine tune our vacation plans. This last ride was important in helping each individual understand the dynamics of the group. We fit well together, our personalities are compatible, and I am looking forward to the adventure ahead.

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Willie aka NomadWillie said...

You guys have a REAL safe trip out West and then have a blast. Hope all the trial and tribulations are out of the way.