Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unexpected Treasure of Nova Scotia
SwissAir Flight 111

Often, when planning a trip to a particular area we gather all the information we can about the location. We search out the popular tourist attractions for instance; check the lodgings and their ratings, restaurants and leisure activities. We plan out the route, and incorporate the miles into our time schedule. This helps us narrow down exactly what we would like to see, and often items on the list have to be dropped off due to time constraint. That’s ok. It’s not always possible to see everything in one trip. Yet, I have learned overtime, that constricting oneself to a strict travel schedule isn’t the best option. I suggest you leave wiggle room. The following may have you understand more fully why I’m making this suggesting.

On our visit to Nova Scotia, I had with me the handy Motorcycle Tour Guide. It’s a fabulous resource! I marked all the pages with tabs. First I color coded them for each area; Northumberland, Cape Breton Island, Eastern Shore and so forth. Then within the areas I had tabs for highlights I wanted to see. Yet, one place that I can’t shake from my heart and mind had no tab at all. And with the current Malaysian Flight 370 missing, this spot in Nova Scotia has come back to haunt me.

We were traveling the South Shore. This area is the location of Peggy’s Cove, one of the popular tourist destinations in Nova Scotia. It’s picturesque lighthouse, rocky shoreline, and fishing shacks is visited by many a seasoned and casual photographer. Take some snapshots of your own, but get back on the motorcycle and continue on around St Margaret’s Bay and onto the Aspotogan Peninsula down to Bayswater. Bayswater and Peggy’s Cove share a common page in history; the search and recovery of passengers from the ill fated SwissAir tragedy of 1998.

There are two memorials for Flight 111, one at Whalesback, close to Peggy’s Cove and one at Bayswater. We followed the signs to the memorial and unbeknown to us, soon stumbled upon hallowed ground. Here at Bayswatter, is where the remains of the victims of SwissAir Flight 111 are interred. The solemnity of this spot penetrates deep into your soul. We walked respectfully along the paths then stood silent, praying for the souls lost, and for the living still missing them. The people of Nova Scotia still remember, and take guardianship over this area. Their loving care is palatable. At first thought, one might say “but they were strangers”, yet they are not. The folks who took their fishing boats and skiffs out into the bay to aid in the search and recovery can’t forget. They, the good people of Nova Scotia, new that at any time it could be any one of us. We are all a part of this family called the human race.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of visiting such a place. It wasn’t one of my stops, yet I am forever thankful that I took the time. In addition, this place is so beautiful, that the request of the families to have this as the final resting place for their loved ones makes sense to me. View the photos of the memorial, which is inscribed in French and English. Then watch the video as I take you on a ride around the Aspotogan Peninsula.


bob skoot said...


unfortunately when I rode across the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic we only made it to NB and PEI. the plan was to go to NS and see Peggy's Cove but we didn't make it. We should be able to go to the Memorial in a couple of years. Thanks for posting this.

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Trobairitz said...

A sad occasion to be sure.

I was living in BC when that flight went down and I can remember watching it on the news as the Canadian coverage was immense and we didn't really have the internet at the time.

My heart goes out to the passengers and families on this flight and the ones on the Malaysian flight.