Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Riding Gear for Spring

I recently acquired a new leather riding jacket from I have to say that I’m very pleased with this jacket; especially since I’ve been using textiles for a few years now. One of the reasons I went to textiles is that the fit for leather was always problematic for me. So you can imagine my trepidation when selecting a jacket online. Would it fit? Would I have to go through the trouble of returning it or exchanging only to find the second selection lacking in some way? So what is it about finding a decent leather jacket that had me going to textiles in the first place?

One of the problems I have with leather jackets for women in general is that they seem to be constructed for fender fluff. Sure they look cute, but they aren’t functional enough for me. In addition, they always seem to be cut for a model figure. If you don’t happen to be a model, there are several problems with the cute leather jackets out there for women. First, they always seem to ride up in the back, exposing the flesh to the cold wind. Second, the sleeves are always too short. This might not be a problem if you are a passenger, but if you are reaching for the grips, having your sleeves ride up has you shivering in a few short minutes.

The jacket I selected from is made by First Classics, a division of First Manufacturing Co, Inc. Their size chart was spot on. That alone was a pleasure to discover. Once I had the jacket on there were a couple of other pleasant surprises. The sleeves are nice and long. I held my arms out, as if reaching for the grips, and the sleeves where exactly where they should be, at the wrists.

As with most jackets, this one too has a liner for colder weather. My second nice surprises are the ribbed cuffs at the end of the sleeve lining. I don’t remember ever encountering this feature in any of the jackets I’ve tried on in the past. If you’ve ever ridden is cold weather, one thing you don’t want is the wind blowing a breeze up the sleeve. With the ribbed cuff snug around the wrists this should prevent the shivers nicely. When the liner is no longer needed as the weather warms, there is a breathable wicking fabric liner to keep your flesh off the leather, and circulate the air.

A lot of women’s jackets on the market have fluff style adornments on them. Being the practical sort, I have no use for these embellishments. This jacket is, to me, very stylish in its basic shape and cut. Zippered air vents are provided front and back to allow for air circulation as the temperatures rise. Two deep zippered pockets on each side to allow for plenty of storage, and prevent lost items along the roadway. In addition, there are two breast pockets on the inside. One zippered and one snapped. The snapped pocket is especially deep. I’m already thinking of this one for my cell phone; easy access, yet deep enough not to fall out.

Sometimes you want to snug the jacket up around the waist. I was in luck here too. On each side of the jacket at the waist are four adjustable tabs with buckles. These allow for cinching or releasing and the holes have grommets for extra strength. Overall, I’m pleased with my experience working with Motorcycle House. If you’re looking for a jacket, check them out. They have a large assortment to select from. As for me, I’m looking forward to my first spring ride!


Tina Walker said...

I really love those 4 waist straps! That gives this jacket a sexy edge. I am like you, not really endowed with a model figure, but to have a jacket that adjusts and is functional is fantastic!

I've had good luck with the products I've received from Motorcycle House for sure!


Elisa Jed said...

That jacket does look nice. You got it for a good price too. When are you going out on your motorcycle to try it out?

Elisa Jed |