Friday, June 7, 2013

Motorcycle Touring Community

             This year I celebrate 6 years of blogging about motorcycle adventures.  It has been a journey of discovery, adventure and passion. At times it’s been my therapy, soapbox and vehicle for looking at life and understanding its mysteries.  I have had many memorable journeys I’ve posted about, from photos of breathtaking vistas, to meeting great people like Don, who shared his family’s story of 9/11 in Shanksville Pennsylvania. I’ve said goodbye to special people like Bill, who’s riding adventures were cut short by cancer. And I’ve come to know and appreciate more deeply the people I call “friend” when we have traveled together.

               Worry not, this is not goodbye. I will continue to blog about motorcycling, and the observations of life it produces. Blogging fulfills my passion for writing. Yet while I love to express myself here, it is mostly a one way conversation.  There is so much for us to share; from great places to visit, gear that works and doesn’t, mobile apps that are great for the road and helpful tips that are useful to know. When I have a new destination in mind, I want to talk with you about it. I have questions I want to ask you.
               In planning my new adventure on two wheels, I opened the search engine and started browsing. Page after page I scrolled through bits of information. As the time ticked on, and time as we know is so precious, I bemoaned the fact that the tips and tidbits were so scattered. That is when the light bulb started to flicker, and the Motorcycle Touring Community on Facebook idea was born. What’s different about this community? It is your community. A community that is not region specific, focuses on the enjoyment of long distance touring, that is interactive, and whose members can share destinations, photos, ideas, helpful tips, cautions and any tidbit that improves our next adventure.  Best of, we can ask each other questions.
               I hope you will join me in the debut of the Motorcycle Touring Community page on Facebook. Like us. Share us. Post photos of your favorite spot on the globe. Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don’t like. Most of all let’s get to know each other better and get the two way conversation started until KSU!


Trobairitz said...

Great idea tarting the community.

While I love riding on two wheels,, we rarely get a chance to do touring, due to no vacation time and not leaving the cat for more than a few days, sigh.

mq01 said...

congrats on 6 yrs blogging Pat! good luck with the fb mc community page, its a great idea. I've liked and shared it, and am looking forward to watching it grow.