Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chasing Off the Winter Blues

It’s March 8th, and yes, I know the calendar does not say its spring yet, but do we have to get hammered again with another winter storm? Sure I made it to the office, but there are only five people here. The thought that has sustained me all day is that tomorrow we are heading over to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Wilmington Massachusetts. The next morning, as if in response to my eagerness, the sun appears and the temperatures shoot upward. Like icing on the cake, we meet up with Jan, Alan, Lee and Deb.

As motorcycle events go, this is not the largest event around, but if you’ve missed them all for one reason or another, something is better than nothing. I had money to burn in my pocket. Sadly I didn’t find anything that suited my tastes. However, Deb pointed us to a new product she stumbled upon that we found some interest in, ergonomic grips. Lee picked up a pair, and Debbie is now sporting new grips on Thor.

One aspect of any motorcycle show is the bikes in competition. Taste here is as varied as there are people. Some of these have me thinking of friends with cool cameras and the fun things to photograph. Of course there aren’t just bikes to look at. I won’t go into detail, let’s just say cleavage was involved. Then Andy spots two Amazon women. Honestly, I don’t think there are men that tall. Not only that, but if I were going to stick out in a crowd like that, I’d have selected a different outfit to wear. I’ll say this; no one was messing with ‘em.

With the afternoon rolling around, our stomachs were saying it was time for lunch. We all headed off the Whole Foods where shopping around is as much fun as visiting the cold and hot food bars with the curious assortment to select from. It’s easy to over eat because one tends to want to try a taste of everything. While Whole Foods might have interesting selections, I’m still looking forward to chasing smoke and eating BBQ. Come on spring! Where are you?

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Trobairitz said...

Looks like a lot of cool bikes at the show. Those ergonomic grips look interesting. I've been seeing them on mountain bikes but didn't clue in they'd be good for motorcycles too.

Let us know how your friend likes them.