Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creating Our World

I’ve noticed something about people, and I’m sure there are many of these elements within me too, and it is this; that people will complain about their circumstance, other people, or events for the way their lives are unfolding. Yet, they have little awareness of exactly how they are creating the very circumstances they complain about or suffer under.

There is a quote I like very much. "The best way to predict the future is to create it."(~Peter F. Drucker~). I had a prime example of this on Saturday, while on a ride with the New England Riders. The day was absolutely beautiful, the company marvelous, the roads and scenery of the Connecticut countryside breathtaking. We stopped for lunch at the planned stop along with many other people enjoying the day. Other motorcyclists, not a part of our group, were out for a day’s jaunt too.

We were enjoying our meal and pleasant conversation with our riding mates when what I would describe as a “biker dude” backed his very loud straight piped motorcycle into a spot very close to our seating. My first thought was that backing up to people sitting at a bench with such loud pipes was a bit unthinking. He should have pulled in (in my humble opinion) and spared us the full blast of those pipes. Here we have the first example of how this “gentleman” was creating his world. By not having an awareness of how startling it was to the diners, not to mention all conversation had stopped as we couldn’t hear each other, he created in our minds the image of rudeness.

We soon took up our conversation where we had left off, the busyness of this location buzzing about us, when this same dude jumps up and begins to shout. And shout quite discourteously he did, to the driver of a car that was backing into a spot near his bike. Now from my vantage point the car was nowhere near hitting his precious loud piped Harley, yet he proceeded to shout and gesticulate to the poor driver. Mister Dude was creating and cementing his world into place, and giving bikers everywhere a bad name while he was at it. How much better would it have been if he had stood between his bike and the car, and waved the guy in saying, “you’re doing OK” or “cut it a little to the right”. Can you see how we would have perceived him then? We would all know he was worried the bike would be hit, but seen as cordial and kindly as he helped a stranger back into a parking spot in the crowded lot.

Unfortunately, that is not the world he created for himself. Instead, I am left with thoughts of how rude, self centered, and full of self importance he appeared to be. I imagine him going home pissing and moaning about stupid people, and giving his dog a good kick to round out his day. All the while not realizing that his day is shaped by his own actions, thoughts and perceptions and not one drop of how he could have created something better for himself. Had he, we may have wanted to know him better, chat with him about his bike, ask where he was heading, and generally taking up friendly conversation and introducing him to the New England Riders.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to create for myself these days, instead of just letting things “happen” to me as they do. What I’m seeing is I have more control over the events in my life than I imagined. Once I begin to feel controlled by others, I look away from the situation and around for my opportunities. I’ve not mastered my world yet, but am amazed at how much better things look and how much people want to give you exactly what you ask for. Biker Dude can teach us all a lesson in how we create our world. What is it you want to create for yourself? It’s within your reach. All you need is awareness.

Now enjoy a few photos from Gillette Castle in Easts Haddam CT, and one taken at the Vanilla Bean.

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