Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Tally Is IN

photo by Doug Carrier

“CONGRATULATIONS, you are the grand prize winner of the Ultimate Biker Makeover!” Don’t you just love emails that start that way? This was followed by some questions about what size I wear and questions about Blaze too. What’s her make, model and year, what size sneakers does she take etc. It’s all very exciting, not for the prizes alone, but the opportunity to travel to Carlisle Bike Fest, and to meet Jody and Sara too. Then there is meeting all the people in the background; those that will be taking care of Blaze. I’m not going to say that I’m not nervous about what might be in store for her. Then too, I’m sure nothing will be done to her that I don’t first approve of in advance. Just to be prepared for more questions in this regard, I’m making a wish list and thinking of what is best for Blaze.

The thought occurred to me that if Blaze and I will be the focal point of interest along with Mary Pinkerton the runner up, how will I take pictures and document what’s happening? Then it hit me. I know someone who loves taking photographs, has a love of motorcycling, and just might be interested in coming along. So I tapped my good friend David on the shoulder (so to speak) and without hesitation and indeed with enthusiasm, agreed to come along with Andy and I to Carlisle in July. The adventure is taking some nice twists and turns that I very much like. With Dave’s great talent with photography, and maybe a few words on the page from me, we can collaborate together and produce one great article about the event, experiences and people we meet.

I am especially thankful for all the people in the background who voted for me to produce the 2,526 votes that put me on top. My colleagues at Compuware and the Gomez division, friends and family, all the forums I visit and belong too, such as the New England Riders, Women Who Ride, The Rumble Sisters, VStar 1300 forum and all those connected to me in the first, second and third degree of social networking. You have all been fantastic. Thank you very much.

By now you have all read the essay that put me in the top four posted on line for public voting. I meant every word about my dream to ride into Sturgis on Blaze. Those plans are unfolding nicely too. I’ve discovered some reasonable accommodations, am working on the routes for the GPS to include our destination, and the rides we want to take in the area. Our riding buddies Lee and Debra will meet us in Spearfish and enjoy the days we have there.

In the meantime, between the planning phase and work obligations, I’m taking a weekend away from Blaze listening to the boats in the harbor, and enjoying the grandkids. That wild little bunch of rascals is building up my tolerance of energy levels, something I will surely need considering the excitement unfolding in the days ahead. I’ll be watching all of you this weekend as we pass you on the road. Ride safe and keep the rubber side down.


Trobairitz said...

Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your experience with the makeover.

VStar Lady said...

Well done - enjoy!

Debra said...

Great stuff! You visualized the win and worked hard to achieve it!The Secret really does work!

Debra said...

Great Stuff! You visualized winning, and worked hard to achieve the goal!

mq01 said...

YAY! i thought that was you :) CONGRATULATIONS!

Willie aka NomadWillie said...

Congrats!! more experiences to write about