Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Bob Facing the Music"

Last summer we met Bob in Canada's Sault Saint Marie, when he wanted to make some change. I thought he was a con artist as he started with "I saw your bikes" and "so you are Americans?"; but Bob turned out to be an OK guy. He has been keeping in touch since then with those he met on his travels . His next big adventure begins soon as he plans to travels from his home in South Carolina up the coast into Canada, going as far as the bike will take him and back again.

I think Bob's love of motorcycle travels says it all when he sent us this, with one short comment. "I guess this is considered a natural consequence."

Just pack the bags Bob. Tell Chris we'll catch up with you and if you get delayed from home too long, we'll turn you around and point you home again.


1 comment:

Baron's Life said...

This is so true and typical, but luckily my better half is a rider too, so we tend to get lost together...we have even ridden in Malaysia and Singapore and that was an experience in itself..