Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time Out for Tony

It’s interesting how you meet people. I noticed Tony at the gym and have been keeping an eye on him for a while now. My attention always gravitates toward certain types. I can’t help myself. If you could see these folk they way I do, you’d be a secret voyeur too!

What was that? Oh my! Where has your mind gone! I’m not eyeing Tony because of his pecs, or the size of his forearms. I’ve been watching Tony for a few years now, pull into the lot on his Harley Road King. A great looking blue motorcycle with that rumbling sound only a Harley can produce. He handles his bike like a second skin, and looks quite comfortable in the saddle. As spring rolled around, I couldn’t help but stop on my way to the locker room and ask if he’s gotten the bike out of winter storage yet.

Tony, not missing a beat or thinking it strange that I would ask about motorcycles, proceeded to tell me about his current project as if we’d been speaking for years. That’s how it is with motorcyclist. We notice each other as if we are extended family. (It’s also why we wave to each other on the road.) Tony’s “project” is adding a hitch to his Harley for the camper he purchased. He and his wife have just begun camping and are incorporating the two pastimes of camping and motorcycling together.

We connected again this week, and I asked how things were going with the camper. He’s been riding around with it hitched to the back, getting comfortable with the feel of towing on two wheels. We then went about our workouts. On his way out, he took time to show me a few photos he had on his cell phone. I was impressed with the size of the camper once it is opened. He and his wife will practice opening and closing it in the backyard, and even sleep in it before going on the road. Their first planned excursion will be to Laconia for Bike Week.

You may be interested in combining camping with motorcycle touring too. If so, check out the photo here of the Time Out Camper that Tony owns. Then check out the link to learn more about the specifics. Here is a sampling for starters: The camper itself weights 345 lbs, but the tongue weight is only 20 lbs. My tour pack can weigh more than that! If you think it might be cramped, then take a look at the photos in the link. Very roomy! While I believe my camping days to be long over, and have been resisting Andy’s push to do so, I think I’m starting to crack.

If you’re heading to Laconia this June for Bike Week, and plan to do some camping, keep an eye out for Tony. He’ll be camping near the Looney Bin. If you already do some camping and want to learn more about the campgrounds in the Laconia area, check here for more details. In the meantime, I’m going to keep watching Tony to see how he is doing with this Time Out. Check back after bike week, and I’ll give you all an update on how things went.


mq01 said...

it really is like that. we do notice when it comes to people and bikes, and more often than not everyone that rides is a friend. very cool that you two connected. that is a great looking camper they have!!! im sure they will have plenty of great times with it :)

Kate said...

I am going to add that I have experienced that immediate camaraderie with bikers. It's awesome. Thanks for your link to my blog... I am trying to figure out how to do the same thing! Your page is much fancier than mine :)