Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Ugly” is Just too Nice a Word

First; have you seen this?

Second; this has to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!

Unveiled this week at the Detroit Auto Show, is something called the Tango EV. According to claims by the company that manufactures this ugly duckling is that it can accelerate to 60 miles an hour in less than four seconds, corners like a Porche 911 (please don’t equate this with a Porche!) and has a market potential of 150 million units.

Another claim for this tandem two-seater is that you can lane split during heavy commuter traffic since its width is less than a Honda Gold Wing. Unless you live in California, the only state where lane splitting is legal, that will carry very little weight in your reason to purchase one if the $150,000 price tag doesn’t faze you first.

Here’s some advice for you. Buy the Gold Wing instead of that sardine can. (Sorry George Clooney.)

This 2010 model with airbag starts at $27,999. Save yourself  $122,000. You’ll have more enjoyment, and I guarantee, more comfort and more storage space too. With the savings you can go on one hell of a great vacation!

Detroit....really?  You're going to have to do better than this.

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