Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warning about Cheap Imitation Knockoffs

There has been a lot in the news lately about cheap imitation knockoffs. The media gives advice on everything from handbags, watches and clothing to electronics and cell phones. We are advised what to watch for and how to spot a fake.

Of all the great advice that is given to protect ourselves from fraud, there is one piece of advice that has yet to be brought to light.

Please move the children away from the screen. This could result in them needing therapy….

Santa would not be caught dead on a scooter!

Please have a frank discussion with your children and grandchildren and let them know that any Santa on a scooter is probably a fake, and the gifts possibly all knockoffs.

Then present them with this next photo. Clearly this is the real Santa; trying to avoiding detection and zipping along to make sure every child gets their gift under the tree on time!

Just thought you should know.

(It was for your own good.)

Merry Christmas!

And many blessing in the New Year!

photo source: Flickr

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mq01 said...

hahaha, or but wait, santa would be saying ho ho ho. LOL! :) happy holidays to you and yours pat!!