Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Read Me in RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine

If you are not a subscriber to RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine, you may want to pick up a copy of the Nov/Dec issue at the newsstand. Flip to page 94 to begin reading an article that I collaborated on with my good friend David Headley.

Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the call for submissions at the magazine’s website. As I read through the guidelines, I knew instantly what I wanted to write about. This favorite ride is something we do first thing in the spring, or the last thing in fall. While we may take the same route for the most part, it is almost a different ride each time. The fall foliage changes things that much.

The guidelines call for 10 to 20 high resolution photos. Dave was the man for this, and he did not hesitate one breath when I asked if he’d like to help me out. I worked on the text for a bit to get an idea of what we should photograph. Off we went on July 4th for a very long day of stop and go as we photographed nearly every inch of the 130 mile loop. Dave shot 190 photographs. That was the easy part. The hard part was deciding which 20 we would send along with the article.

I had a blast writing the article and thumbing through all the photos reliving the day again and again. Part of the submission guidelines asked for a map and if possible a GPS file to be submitted with the route description. I gave myself an education tweaking that route in MapSource, because although I am good at downloading files and following them to some extent, I have never actually drawn up a route on my own. You can download the file for Garmin GPS units at the website. While you are there you can read the text and look at some of Dave’s photography.

One of the most interesting aspects we encountered on July 4th was the courtesy that folks extended to us as we set up our shots. Many stopped their vehicle so as not to disturb our photo; they slowed, waved and were generally cordial and friendly. The bonus too in taking photos on Independence Day was the fact that many town centers were bedecked in banners of red, white and blue.

No sooner do I put the stamp on the envelope to RoadRunner when Dave is asking when we are going to do the next article. You don’t have to look far for ideas. New Hampshire is prime motorcycle riding territory. While many folks will think “White Mountains” or “Kancamagus” there are more great roads in New Hampshire than just the tourist attractions.

Here are some photos taken by Dave that you won’t see in the magazine.

Want to see more of David’s photography? Visit his Flickr site. Let him know what you think. He’d appreciate hearing from you.


davidheadley said...

I enjoyed working on the article with you Pat, and thanks for the 'advertising' too!.


mq01 said...

oh how fun!!! and this is the first ive heard of that magazine. thanks pat, i'll be checking it out.

Willie aka NomadWillie said...

Hey very nice to see you wrote something on your blog...enjoyed the article and congrats

R100R said...

Congratulations on having your article published! I am also an aspiring motorcycle journalist and recently had a short article published in the September issue of American Motorcyclist magazine about my trip to the Gaspe Peninsula.
Keep writing! Share the passion!
See you on the road,

Tyler Yandow