Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Polar Extremes

Saturday found us at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston with friends. The show seemed rather subdued compared with last year’s event in my opinion. Nevertheless, any day out that involves motorcycles is never a waste of time. I came away with the impression that this was a day to observe extremes, from mild to radical. A few of my favorites are below.

I have a thing for tail lights. Maybe because I have been nearly victimized by a number of modifications folks have done to their bikes. Once, while following a VTX, I nearly rear-ended the woman because her tail lights were nearly invisible. She had great Beetle Bags with the build in tail lights. Unfortunately, these lights were so tiny and dim it rendered them nearly invisible.

Next is my dear friend and riding buddy who has added upper and lower lights to the left and right lights on his Nomad. When he brakes, they all flash including the standard center light. He has also tied these left and right upper and lowers to his turn signals. Unfortunately, if he brakes, and then signals, they are all flashing leaving you with an understanding that he is braking but sometimes unaware that he is also making a turn. On one ride, the confusion left me unaware that he was making a left turn. I managed to avoid colliding with him, but Andy could not avoid hitting me. Now that you have a better understanding of my fascination for tail lights, check out two of my favorite extremes at the show.

From Boston Bike Show

From Boston Bike Show

Anyone who rides will understand how important a comfortable saddle is, especially if you like to put on the miles. Looking at this saddle left me sympathy pains.

From Boston Bike Show

Before I get to the next polar extremes let me tell you about Lee and describe his riding style. Throttle full on, lean on the hairpins ‘til sparks fly from the floorboards. Mr. Lee is no Sunday rider. Fast and furious taking the Nomad on turns that would give the most seasoned racer goose bumps. Knowing this about him, it tickled my funny bone to see him test out the feel and balance of these next two rides. Polar opposites for sure!

From Boston Bike Show

From Boston Bike Show

Then of course, if your spouse in not in the mood for yet another motorcycle outing, you can always remind them of the eye candy waiting. It’s a bargaining chip I know, but I do what I have to do.

From Boston Bike Show


fasthair said...

Ms. Pat: With eye candy like that you leave me wondering if I missed something at the swap meet here last weekend? Since I was out riding instead I have a feeling I made out better. Not rubbing it in.


PatnWilton said...

Ahh Mr Fasthair...I feel you have indeed rubbed it in :-)