Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation Plan Glitch

The plan for our motorcycle vacation is for us three couples to tow the bikes west and spend 10 days motorcycling in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Lee has mapped out some great routes. We have our MapSource files ready for our Garmin Global Positioning Systems. Andy and I have been working since April building our trailer. Bill and Barb have a three-bike trailer. The plan is for Lee, Deb and Bill to tow their bikes on this trailer. The two couples will travel together. Andy and I will meet them in Colorado Springs with our own two motorcycles in tow.

There has been some concern about Bill’s three-bike trailer. When we all saw the trailer for the first time a few weeks back, we realized it would be a snug fit. However, if bags were removed it was believed all three would fit. It would be tight, but doable. The weeks marched on and the plans were cementing nicely into place. We all made purchases of radios, mounts and various items we wanted for the trip. Andy and I stumbled along with our mishaps, spending a bit more than we bargained for in bike repairs as a result. Some discussion was made about swapping my smaller 650 with Lee’s bigger Nomad if the fit was too tight on Bill’s trailer. We needed to do a live test and soon. We agreed to meet at Bill’s. This would be a good test for our own trailer, as we would tow the bikes there to have both trailers handy in case the swap test was needed.

We hitch the trailer to the van and set out for Bill’s. We take the long way round to get a good test of braking, twists, turns and bumps. I sit in the back seat to keep an eye on the bikes. I don’t want any more mishaps. We’ve spent enough on repairs already. The bikes look good back there with minimal bouncing or swaying. I am pleased with what I see.

The others have been at Bill’s for a while already. When we arrive they look glum. Seems, the bikes won’t all fit after all. Not only that, but the swap idea won’t work either. Serious brainstorming is in order.

I’m not sure how the resolution will unfold, but everyone is doing their part in search of a solution. There are several ideas being bounced around. I believe it will all work itself out in the end, but for now, we are in a quandary.

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