Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Blue

There haven’t been any children living here for a few years now. That doesn’t mean I’m not still tripping over stuff that belongs to them. For every home improvement project, or re-arranging of furniture, there are a whole set of problems associated with the endeavor. “I still want that, don’t throw it out.” I will hear. Or “Yes, I still want Puppy!” This last statement is in reference to a stuffed blue dog that stands three feet tall. OK, I have to admit, Blue Puppy is special.

My youngest daughter was a great lover of Clifford, the Big Red Dog when she was a child. We even met Clifford once at a bookstore in town when he was there for a book signing. She won a drawing that day and came home with a video and new book. So it wasn’t any big surprise when on the day she took Pepere’s hand, walked to the neighborhood yard sale, she came home with Big Blue.

Pepere splurged all of two dollars for Big Blue Puppy. Two dollars very well spent. That night, as I checked on the girls before I retired for bed, there was Big Blue tucked in bed with my daughter. He took up more space in the bed than she did. I recorded the moment on film for my Father who was delighted at the enjoyment two dollars can generate.

Big Blue has had many secrets whispered beneath his big floppy ears over the years. I’ve witnessed a small child’s arm around his neck, while his matted coat was lovingly groomed with my hairbrush. He stood sentinel in the girl’s room, enduring all with a patient look upon his face. Popular toys came and went, but Puppy has withstood the test to time. His head slumps a bit these days, but he still possesses a sturdiness unseen in similar stuffed animals of his breed.

As the years went by, and one by one, the children left home, the living animals in the house looked lost and forlorn. In time, the pets would reconnect with a new best friend in the house. When I looked at Puppy the other day, after my daughter’s proclamation, I realized Puppy had the same forlorn look on his face. Compassion for Puppy swelled within me.

It’s evident that Puppy will be around for a few more years. Considering my grandson is all about doggies these days, (or “goggie” as he says) it’s time for a new generation to love Puppy. A doggie bed and rawhide chew toy are in order, and maybe even holiday themed ribbons for his neck as he stands sentinel for the next child’s visit.

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Crystal said...

What a touching story! Its funny how rememberances differ according to the perspective of child verses parent.