Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blackout Over

Life resumes. Last week we packed our bags and headed out on the first available flight to California for some sad family business. It has been six years since we have visited this part of the country and many more years since we saw the whole clan. Although we were there to say goodbye to one, we reconnected with many. Present were faces that we have not seen in many years. Children we once new, are now grown adults with families of their own.

Seeing these children, now adults had me feeling as if I had stepped out of a time machine into the future. I do not feel any different from the day I kissed their chubby cheeks goodbye when last I saw them. However, there they stood before me, now taking charge of the world, holding the hands of their young children, who’s cheeks resemble their parents’ in days gone by.

The visit was not all somber. One niece, now a vineyard club member, along with another niece and nephew, carried me off for vineyard tours and wine tasting. Other family members, understanding our passion, ushered us to the middle of California Bike Week! Who else, but family, would know just how to cheer us up!

The blog blackout is now over. I’m back to the grindstone. In the coming days, I’ll give more words to the events of this past week and post some photos from the vineyards and Bike Week. You’ll want to come back if only to see the photo captioned “This Bike Has Balls”. Don’t miss it!

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